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Equipping Global Child Protectors 

Global Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Prevention Academy 

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About Us

Our moral imperative for global child protection
The Global Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Prevention Academy (G-SEAPA) aims to break down barriers to build a solid foundation for equipping Global Child Protectors through solution focused strategies, prevention-oriented education, and evidence-based techniques to combat child sex crimes effectively.
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Our Mission is Global 

Our online academy facilitates immediate access to comprehensive information and training resources. The Global Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Prevention Academy is an effective way to learn innovative education in the palm of your hand. We provide your organization with the tools needed to combat child sex crimes and make a real impact from anywhere in the world.

Global Impact

Learners equipped since 2020


 We aim to equip 25,000 by 2030

Instructor-Lead Courses

Global Forums 


Live Webinars 

Our Vision

Our call to action for effective change
Our vision is to provide training and education about child sex crimes that will serve as a catalyst for change. We have worked in the field and have seen firsthand how the lack of proper training and education can provoke feelings of uncertainty among professionals. Our goal is for Global Child Protectors never to feel that way.

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Child Protection Starts With You ! 

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Let us guide you toward successful child protection, so you can excel in your profession.
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